Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Onboarding Amazon Sales Channel

This section describes the requirements and pre-setup tasks for the onboarding process and helps you create, connect, and integrate your Amazon Sales Channel store. Onboarding is simple and fast, after you understand some key concepts how Amazon works with the Amazon Sales Channel in Magento.

Amazon Sales Channel supports the creation of multiple Amazon Sales Channel stores. For a single Amazon Seller Central account that operates in the Amazon region that includes U.S./Canada/Mexico, you will create three Amazon Sales Channel stores (one for U.S. sales, one for Mexico sales, and one for Canada sales). Each of the three stores will define the region during its setup and be integrated with the same Amazon Seller Central account. If you have more than one Amazon Seller Central account, you could potentially have up to three Amazon Sales Channel stores for each of your Amazon Seller Central accounts.

Helpful tips for onboarding!

Amazon Sales Channel requires a Professional Seller account on Amazon Seller Central, in the North America region. Amazon charges a monthly subscription and fees for selling. See Amazon: Choose your selling plan.

Your progress through the onboarding process saves as you tap save options or Next through the steps. Your integration is fully complete when you tap Complete Setup. We recommend completing all of these instructions to fully save your configurations.

Until your account and integration is active, your status is "In Setup". If you access your integration to edit settings and configurations, you return to onboarding with your currently saved configurations.

Your Amazon Sales Channel settings affect your Amazon listings. You can review your listings during setup and make any changes before completing your setup and publishing your listings in Store Review. You can also modify your Amazon Sales Channel settings after your setup is complete.