Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x
Build Loyalty & Advocacy

Give customers a direct connection to your brand by allowing them to create customer accounts where they can see their purchase history, wish lists, and newsletter subscriptions. Use product ratings and reviews to give new customers objective product opinions and promote a sense of community. These features turn customer satisfaction into one of the most powerful and cost-efficient marketing tools at your disposal.

Advanced Reporting

Gain valuable insights at a glance with dynamic product, order, and customer reports, powered by Magento Business Intelligence.

Dashboard Snapshots

Knowing what’s of interest on your site is crucial to maximize your marketing budget. Use this information to determine what you should cross- and up-sell to loyal customers, or which products to put on sale.

Customer Accounts

Opening an account provides customers with a personalized shopping experience that they can share with their friends. Customers can save their shopping preferences, and manage their own store billing and shipping information.

Advocacy Tools

Customers who share wish lists and send gift cards make a powerful endorsement of your brand. Wish lists become powerful advocacy tools when shared by email or RSS feed, and gift cards bring motivated new shoppers to your store.

Reviews & Ratings

Product reviews give your customers a way to engage with your brand while fostering a sense of community. You can curate your reviews with tools to help you edit and approve comments for inappropriate content before they go live.