Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x
Differentiate and Personalize

Create Custom Experiences

Magento offers a rich set of tools to create personalized experiences across multiple digital touchpoints, based on customer activity and profile.

Custom Catalog and Price Lists

Offer a curated product selection with custom pricing for specific companies, while continuing to offer the standard catalog with regular pricing for general customers.

Targeted Segmentation

Optimize your marketing initiatives with dynamic content, promotions, and banner based on properties such as customer address, order history, and shopping cart contents.

Smart Shopping Rules

Customize the shopping experience with price rules and promotions that trigger at the product or shopping cart level.

Customer Groups

Offer different products and pricing according to customer group or shared catalog. Determine which discounts are available, and the tax class that applies to the order.

Maintain Multiple Tailored Websites

Maintain multiple tailored sites based on brand, geography, channel partner, or account. Introduce new market and languages, and track analytics from a single Admin.