Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

B2B Quick Start

Follow these links to learn more about each component of Magento for B2BBusiness to Business: A type of business transaction between two business entities that are not the final consumers of the goods or services. Commerce.


Learn the basics of Magento B2B, and how it differs from B2C. Magento B2B gives you the ability to sell business-to-business while also selliing from business-to-consumer.


Easily configure B2B features, company accounts, requisition lists, email, and quotes.

Company Accounts

Allow companies to create and maintain their own accounts with teams of buyers, roles, and levels of permission.

Shared Catalog

Offer a curated product selection with custom pricing for specific companies, while continuing to offer the standard catalog with regular pricing for general customers.

Quick Order

Reduces the order process to several clicks for shoppers who know the name or SKU of the products they want to order. SKUs can be entered manually or uploaded from a CSV file.

Requisition Lists

Maintain up to 99 different requisition lists to save time with frequently ordered products. Add items directly to the cart, or transfer items from one requisition list to another.


Buyers can negotiate directly with the seller for a custom discount. The system saves a snapshot of the catalog, and the history of all activity related to the quote.

Payment On Account

Give companies the convenience of charging purchases to their account, up to the credit limit that you determine for the company.


Magento for B2B Commerce includes a flexible application programming interface (API) that integrates with a variety of ERP solutions from Magento partners.