Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Security Scan

Magento Security Scan allows you to monitor each of your Magento sites for known security risks, and to receive patch updates and security notifications.

  • Gain insight into the real-time security status of your store.
  • Schedule security scan to run weekly, daily, or on demand.
  • Receive reports with the results of over thirty security tests and the recommended corrective actions for each failed test.
  • Maintain a history of security reports in your Magento account.

The Security Scan tool is available for free from the dashboard of your Magento account. For technical information, see Go live and launch in the developer documentation.

Security Scan

To run Security Scan:

1. Go to the Magento home page, and sign in to your Magento account. Then, do the following:
a. In the panel on the left, choose Security Scan. Then, tap Go to Security Scan.
b. Read the Terms and Conditions. Then, tap Agree to continue.
2. On the Monitored Websites page, tap +Add Site.

If you have multiple sites with different domains, you must configure a separate scan for each domain.

Monitored Sites

3. To verify your ownership of the site domain, do the following:
a. Enter the Site URL, and tap Generate Confirmation Code.
b. Tap Copy to copy your confirmation code to the clipboard.

Generate Confirmation Code
4. Log in to the Admin of your store as a user with full Administrator privileges. Then, do the following:
a. In the Admin sidebar, choose Content. Then under Design, choose Configuration.
b. Find your site in the list, and click Edit.
c. Expand the HTML Head section.
d. Scroll down to Scripts and Style Sheets. Then, click in the text box at the end of any existing code, and press Ctrl‑V to paste your confirmation code into the text box.

Scripts and Style Sheets
e. When complete, tap Save Configuration.
5. Return to the Security Scan page in your Magento account. Then, tap Verify Confirmation Code to establish your ownership of the domain.
6. After a successful confirmation, Set Automatic Security Scan to one of the following:
7. Enter the Email Address where you want to receive notifications of completed scans and security updates.

Email Address
8. When complete, tap Submit.

After the ownership of the domain is verified, the site appears in the Monitored Websites list of your Magento account.

9. If you have multiple websites with different domains, repeat this process to set up a security scan for each.