Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x
Layout Update Syntax

Custom layout updates can be applied to product categoryA set of products that share particular characteristics or attributes. pages, product pages, and content page to achieve a variety of results, such as:

  • <block>

    Create new block.


    Update existing content.


    Assign actions to blocks.


    Remove blocks.

Any change made to the layoutThe visual and structural composition of a page. is applied when the associated entity—which can be either a product, category, or CMSContent Management System: A software system that is used to create, edit, and maintain content on a website. page—becomes active in the frontend of the store.

Custom layout updateA specific set of XML instructions that determines how the page is constructed. instructions consist of well-formed XMLExtensible Markup Language: A markup format derived from SGML that it used to format information for publication and distribution. tags, without the <?xml ...> declaration and root tag. As with normal XML, every tag must either be empty or properly closed, as shown in the following examples:

  • <tag attribute="value" />
    <tag attribute="value"> ... </tag>