Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x
Layout Update Examples

The following blocks types can be manipulated with custom layoutThe visual and structural composition of a page. instructions. Each action must be specified using the full syntax of the instruction. In the following examples, a simplified notation is used to refer to each action, which corresponds to the full syntax of the instruction.

  • Full Syntax
    <!-- Action can be specified inside either a <block>
    or <reference> instruction. -->
    	<action method="someActionName">
     		<arg1>Value 1</arg1>
    		<arg2>Value 2</arg2>
    		<!--   -->
    		 <argN>Value N</argN>
    <!--   -->
  •  Simplified Syntax
    someActionName($arg1, $arg2, ..., $argN)