Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x
Controlling Block Order

Sometimes more than one content element is assigned to the same structural block. For example, there might be several block that appear in a sidebarThe right or left column of a two-column page layout.. You can control the order of blocks by including a “before” or “after” positioning property in the code. To place a block either before, or after a specific block, replace the hyphen with the block identifier, as shown in the following examples:

  • before="-"

    Places the block at the top of the sidebar, before other blocks.


    Places the block at the bottom of the sidebar, after other blocks.
  • Code to Position Content Blocks
    <block type="cms/block" before="-" name="left.permanent.callout">
    <block type="cms/block" before="some-other-block" name="left.permanent.callout">
    <block type="cms/block" after="-" name="left.permanent.callout">
    <block type="cms/block" after="some-other-block" name="left.permanent.callout">