Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Account Dashboard

The customer’s account dashboard gives them the ability to reorder, track orders, manage shipping addresses and store activities. The full range of B2BBusiness to Business: A type of business transaction between two business entities that are not the final consumers of the goods or services. options are available only for customers who are associated with a company. Otherwise, the dashboard options for individual accounts are the same as those available to Magento Commerce customers.

Account Dashboard
  • Account Dashboard



    My Quotes

    (Companies Only) Lists all quotes submitted by the customer, with a link to detailed information.

    My Orders

    Displays a list of all customer orders, with a link to each. If enabled in the configuration, any order can be reordered by simply clicking the Reorder link.

    My Downloadable Products

    Lists all downloadable products the customer has purchased, with a link to each.

    My Requisition Lists

    (Companies Only) Maintains all requisition lists created by the customer.

    My Wish List

    Manage your wish lists, and place orders from wish list items.

    Address Book

    The customer address book includes the default billing and shipping address, and additional address entries.

    Account Information

    Customers can update their account information and change their password as needed. The store Admin can also update customer accounts and access the information to offer shopping assistance.

    Store Credit

    Displays the current amount of store credit from returns, refunds, and redeemed gift card that can be applied to purchases.

    Stored Payment Methods

    Lists any payment methods with secure vaults that are used by the customer to store credit card information.

    Gift Card

    Allows customers to check the current balance on available gift cards, and to redeem gift cards for store credit.

    Billing Agreements

    Displays a list of any customer billing agreements.

    Company Profile

    (Companies Only) Manage your company information, including the company name and address, company admin contact information, and payment information.

    Company Credit

    (Companies Only) The Company Credit section shows the current outstanding balance, available credit, and the credit limit that is allocated to the account, followed by a list of outstanding invoices. The Company Credit section appears in the dashboard only when Payment on Account is enabled in the configuration.

    Company Structure

    (Companies Only) Used by the company admin to define the business structure of the company.

    Company Users

    (Companies Only) Used by the company admin to create user accounts for company buyers.

    Roles and Permissions

    (Companies Only) Used by the company admin to define roles for company users with various levels of permission.

    Reward Points

    Lists all reward points the customer has earned that can be applied toward purchases.

    Gift Registry

    Used to list and maintains gift registries, and add new ones.

    My Product Reviews

    Displays a list of all product reviews submitted by the customer, with a link to each.

    Newsletter Subscriptions

    Lists all available newsletters. Those to which the customer is currently subscribed have a checkmark.

    My Invitations

    Lists all invitations the customer has created and sent for scheduled events.