Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Company Roles and Permissions

Roles for company users set up with various levels of permission to access sales information and resources. By default, the company admin is a super user with full permissions. The “Access Denied” page appears if the user doesn’t have permission to access the page.

The system has one predefined Default User role, which you can use “as is,” or modify to suit your needs. You can create as many roles as necessary to match your company structure.

  • Default User

    The default user has full access to activities related to sales and quotes, and view-only access to company profile and credit information.

  • Senior Buyer

    A senior buyer might have access to all Sales and Quotes resources, and view-only permissions to the Company Profile, User and Teams, Payment Information, and Company Credit.

    Assistant Buyer

    An assistant buyer might have permission to place an order using Checkout with Quote, and to view orders, quotes, and information in the company profile.

To manage roles and permissions:

1. Sign in to your store account as the company administrator.
2. In the panel on the left, choose Roles and Permissions. Then, do any of the following:
  • Actions




    Creates a copy of the selected role. The name of the duplicate role has “- Duplicated” added to the end.


    Change the name and/or set of permissions.


    Delete the role. Only roles without assigned users can be deleted.

  • Role Permissions




    Checkout (place order)

    Use Pay On Account method

    View Orders

    View orders of subordinate users



    Request, Edit, Delete

    Checkout with quote

    View quotes of subordinate users

    Company Profile

    Account Information (View)


    Legal Address


    Contacts (View)

    Payment Information (View)

    Company User Management

    View roles and permissions

    Manage roles and permissions

    View users and teams

    Manage users and teams

    Company Credit