Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Managing Company Accounts

The Companies page lists all current company accounts, regardless of status. Any pending requests for approval appear at the top of the list. The standard workplace controls can be used to filter the list, change the column layout, save views, and export data.

The Actions control above the grid can be used to apply an action to multiple company records. For example, rather than approving each individual company request, you can select multiple requests and activate the accounts in a single action. The actions that are available depend on the permissions of the user.

Companies Grid

To apply an action:

1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Customers. Then, choose Companies.
2. In the first column of the grid, mark the checkbox of each record that you want to update. Then, follow the instructions for the action that you want to apply:
  • Actions Control



    Set Active

    Sets the status of all selected company records to “Active.” Company admins receive instructions to set their passwords so they can access their accounts and manage their companies from the storefront.


    Restricts company accounts that are not in good standing, while preserving the account. The status of users who are associated with a blocked company is changed to “Inactive”. They cannot sign in to their accounts, or place orders on behalf of the company.


    Deletes selected company accounts. The status of user accounts that are associated with a deleted company is set to “Inactive, ”and the Company ID is removed from the profiles of user accounts. Information about company activity and transactions is retained in the system.


    Allows some values of the selected company record to be edited from the grid. By default, the following values are available for a quick edit: Company Name, Company Email, Phone Number.

    Convert Credit

    Converts the credit on account for the selected companies according to the rates of the specified currency.

  • Column Descriptions



    Default Column Layout


    Mark the checkbox to select company records that are to be subjects of an action. Or, use the selection control in the column header to select/deselect all.


    A unique numeric identifer that is assigned when the request to create a company is submitted.

    Company Name

    The company name is entered when the company account is first created, and can be a shortened version of the full legal name.

    Company Email

    The email address that is associated with the company account.

    Phone Number

    The primary phone number of the company.


    The country where the company is registered to conduct business.

    State Province

    The state or province where the company is registered to conduct business.


    The city where the company is registered to conduct business.

    Group/Shared Catalog

    The column name depends on whether Shared Catalog is enabled in the configuration.

    Customer Group

    If Shared Catalog is not enabled in the configuration, specifies the name of the customer group to which the company belongs.

    Shared Catalog

    If Shared Catalog is enabled in the configuration, specifies the name of the shared catalog that is assigned to the customer.

    Outstanding Balance

    The outstanding balance on the company account. the column is blank if the company does not have a credit history, and its credit limit is zero.

    Company Admin

    The first and last name of the company administrator.

    Job Title

    The job title of the company administrator.


    The email address of the company administrator.


    • Edit

      Opens the company account in edit mode.

    Additional Columns

    The following columns are available by changing the column layout of the grid.

    Company Legal Name

    The full legal name of the company.

    Street Address

    The street address where the company is registered to conduct business.


    The ZIP or postal code where the company is registered to conduct business.

    Reseller ID

    The resale number that is assigned to the company for tax reporting purposes.


    The value-added tax number that is assigned to the company by some jurisdictions for tax reporting purposes.

    To configure the customer VAT/TAX ID to appear in the storefront, see Create New Account Options.

    Credit Limit

    The credit limit that is extended to the company account.

    Credit Currency

    The currency that is accepted by the store for purchases on company credit.


    Indicates the current state of the company account. Options:

    • Active

      The company account is approved by the store administrator. The company administrator and associated members can log in the account from the storefront and make purchases.

      Pending Approval

      A request to open a company account has been submitted, but is not yet approved by the store administrator.


      A request to open a company account was submitted, but not approved by the store administrator. The initial login credentials that were used to submit the request are blocked.


      Company members can log in and access the catalog, but cannot make purchases. The store administrator might block a company account that is not in good standing. The block on the account can be removed by the store administrator at any time.


    The gender of the company administrator. Options:



    Not Specified


    Notes about the company account for reference and visible only from the Admin.