Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Assigning Company to Customer Group

Assigning a customer group to a company is essentially the same as assigning a shared catalog. If Shared CatalogA subset of your catalog that includes a curated selection of products with discount pricing. Access to a shared catalog can be limited to a specific company, or be available to the public. is not enabled in the configuration, a Customer Group — rather than a Shared Catalog — is assigned to a company.

To assign a customer group:

1. On the Admin sidebar, tap Customers. Then, choose Companies.
2. Find the company in the grid. Then in the Action column, click Edit.

Edit Company
3. On the company page, scroll down and expand the Advanced Settings section.

Customer Groups / Shared Catalogs
4. Set the appropirate Customer Group.

The Customer Group dropdown includes all existing shared catalogs, even if Shared Catalogs is disabled in the configuration.

Changing the customer group assigned to the company updates the profiles of all company members.

If the customer group assignment is changed from a shared catalog to a regular customer group, company members lose access to the shared catalog, and the master catalog becomes available to them from the storefront.

5. When prompted to confirm, tap Proceed. Then, tap Save.

To configure the default customer group: