Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Magento 2.2.x Notice: As outlined by the Magento Software Lifecycle Policy, Magento 2.2.x has reached the End-of-Support and will no longer receive quality fixes or documentation updates. To maintain your site's performance, security, and PCIPayment Card Industry: Refers to debit and credit cards and their associated businesses. compliance, upgrade to the latest version of Magento.

The online Magento 2.2.x User Guide is scheduled for removal, but will remain available in PDF for Open Source, Commerce, and Commerce for B2B.

Authorize.Net Direct Post (Deprecated)

Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods > Direct Post (Deprecated) Direct Post
  • Field Descriptions






    Determines if Authorize.Net Direct Post is available to your customers as a payment method. Options: Yes / No.

    Payment Action


    Determines the action taken by Authorize.Net when a payment is authorized. Options:

    Authorize Only

    Funds on the customer's card are authorized, but not transferred from the customer’s account.An order is created in your store’s Admin. You can later create an invoice and capture the sale.

    Authorize and Capture

    Funds on the customer's card are authorized and captured by Authorize.Net side, and an order and an invoice are created in your store’s Admin.


    Store View

    A label that identifies Authorize.Net Direct Post as a payment method during checkout.

    API Login ID


    Your Authorize.Net credentials.

    Transaction Key


    Your Authorize.Net credentials.

    Signature Key


    The SHA-512 Signature Key for your Authorize.Net account. To generate a new SHA-512 Signature Key, see Authorize.Net's What is a Signature Key.

    Deprecation Notice: This field was previously Merchant MD5. Authorize.Net has deprecated the use of MD5 Hash. When configuring, enter a Signature Key using SHA-512. These instructions include the updated step. Payment processing will not complete until you add the correct Signature Key. For details, see Authorize.Net's MD5 Hash End of Life & Signature Key Replacement and What is a Signature Key.

    New Order Status


    Determines the status that is assigned to all new orders. Options:


    Suspected Fraud

    Test Mode


    Determines if Authorize.Net Direct Post is sending transactions to a test environment. Options:


    Sends a notification to Authorize.Net that orders are to be sent to the test site.


    Orders are sent to Authorize.Net as live transactions.

    When you are ready to “go live,” don't forget to set Test Mode to "No," so you can process live transactions.

    Gateway URL


    The URL where order information is sent. Default value:

    If you have a special test URLUniform Resource Locator: The unique address of a page on the internet. from Authorize.Net, you can set Test Mode to “No,” and specify the testing link in the Gateway URL field. However, the URL of the live site must be re-entered before going live.

    Transaction Key URL


    A URL that returns the details of a transaction from Authorize.Net. Default value:

    Accepted Currency


    Make sure that the Accepted Currency field is set to “US Dollar,” because this is the only currency that Authorize.Net accepts.



    Records messages sent between your store and the Authorize.Net payment system in a log file. Options: Yes / No

    In accordance with PCIPayment Card Industry: Refers to debit and credit cards and their associated businesses. Data Security Standards, credit card information is not recorded in the log file.

    Email Customer


    Determines if Authorize.Net sends a confirmation email when customers complete checkout. This is in addition to the order confirmation email and other email sent from Magento. Options: Yes / No

    Merchant’s Email


    The email address where Authorize.Net sends notification of orders placed with Direct Post. If left blank, no email is sent.

    Credit Card Types


    Determines the credit cards that are available to customers during checkout. Select each supported card. Options:

    American Express





    Credit Card Verification


    Determines if customers are required to enter the Credit Card Verification number during checkout. Options: Yes / No.

    Payment from Applicable Countries


    Determines the range of the applicable country selection. Options: All Allowed Countries / Specific Countries

    Payment from Specific Countries


    Identifies each country from which payment is accepted. Only customers with a billing address in a selected country can make purchases with this payment method.

    Minimum Order Total


    Determines the smallest order total that qualifies to be processed with Authorize.Net Direct Post.

    Maximum Order Total


    Determines the largest order total that qualifies to be processed with Authorize.Net Direct Post.

    Sort Order


    A number that determines the order in which Authorize.Net Direct Post is listed with other payment methods during checkout. Enter 0 for the top of the list.