Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Page Hierarchy

Your store’s page hierarchy system gives you the ability to organize your content pages and add pagination, navigationThe primary group of web page links that a customer uses to navigate around the website; the navigation links to the most important categories or pages on an online store., and menus. The Privacy Policy page in the sample data is an example of a page with a menu on the left. If you publish a large amount of content on a regular basis, you can use page hierarchy to organize your content to make it easy for people to find articles of interest.

The page hierarchy system uses nodes to identify related pieces of content, and to organize content pages into a parent/child relationships. A parent node is like a folder that might contain child nodes and pages. The relative position of each node and page in the hierarchy is shown as a tree. A node might contain other nodes and content pages, and a single content page might be associated with multiple nodes and other content pages in a parent/child or neighbor relationships.

Page with Left Navigation