Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Creating a Banner

A bannerPromotional graphics displayed either horizontally on the top of a web page or vertically on the left or right margins. Website advertisements are often displayed as banners. can be as simple as a text message or image, or contain a combination of text, images, and code that is triggered by a promotion according to schedule. After the banner is created, use the Widget tool to place it in your store, or add it to a rotating sequence of banners.

Free Shipping Banner in Header


  • Banner Type by Location



    Content Area

    The width of the main content area varies, depending on the column layout of the page.


    The bottom section of the page contains the footer links and copyright notice.


    The top section of the page contains your logo, account links, search box, and top navigation.

    Left Column

    The left column of a two- or three-column layout.

    Right Column

    The right column of a two-or three-column layout.