Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Advanced Pricing

The Advanced Pricing settings define the conditions required for special pricing that is available for a specific customer group or shared catalog. Advanced Pricing can be applied to simple, virtual, downloadable, and bundle products. To apply discounted pricing to other product types, use a catalog price rule. To learn more, see: Price Scope.

Advanced pricing data is synchronized with product pages and shared catalogs. For example, if you update a tier price quantity, the system updates the value in the shared catalog and on the product page. Any custom pricing that is indicated in the shared catalog has priority over customer group pricing.

Advanced Pricing

To display the Advanced Pricing options:

1. Open the product in edit mode.
2. Under the Price field, click Advanced Pricing.
3. Follow the instructions for the type of advanced pricing that is needed.

Advanced Pricing
  • Field Descriptions



    Special Price

    Offers a discounted price during a scheduled campaign.

    When a special price is available, the retail price is crossed out and the special price appears below in large, bold text.


    The actual cost of the item.

    Customer Group Price, Catalog and Tier Price

    Sets up promotional and tier prices for specific shared catalogs and customer groups for the current website. Options include:


    Identifies the website where the group price rule applies. This option appears only if the installation has multiple websites.

    Group or Catalog

    (Required) Identifies the customer group or shared catalog that qualifies to receive the discount price. When a value in a group or catalog field is changed, the corresponding custom price row that matched the previous setting is deleted from the shared catalog Options:


    Applies the rule to all customer groups. The value is not applied to the shared catalog, and changes in advanced pricing data are not synchronized with the shared catalog.


    Applies the rule guests and customers who are not logged in to their accounts.

    Shared Catalogs

    Applies the rule to a specific shared catalog.


    Specifies the quantity that is required to receive a tier price.


    (Required) Specifies a fixed or discount product price for members of the customer group, within the specific website. Options: Fixed / Discount


    (Default) The discount price is entered as a fixed decimal value. For example, enter “9.99” as the discount price.


    The discount price is entered as a percentage (%) of the base product price. For example, enter “10” for a 10% discount.

    Deletes the current rule.


    Inserts an additional row for a new rule

    Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price

    The manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) for the product.

    Display Actual Price

    Determines where the actual price of the product is visible to the customer. Options:

    Use Config

    Uses the current configuration setting for the price display.

    On Gesture

    Displays the actual product price in a popup, in response to the "Click for price" or What's this?" link.

    In Cart

    Displays the actual product price in the shopping cart.

    Before Order Confirmation

    Displays the actual product price at the end of the checkout process, just before the order is submitted.