Magento for B2B Commerce, 2.2.x

Category Permissions

Category access can be limited to specific customer groups, or restricted entirely. You can control the display of product prices, and determine which customer groups can add products to the cart, and specify the landing pageA page on your site where a visitor arrives after clicking a link or advertisement..

Category Permissions has a global scope and when enabled, restricts access to each categoryA set of products that share particular characteristics or attributes. according to its individual permissions. By default, Category Permissions is not enabled.

For example, if you sell only to wholesale customers, you can allow anyone to browse the catalog, but display prices and allow purchases only to those in the Wholesale customer group. In the following example, ibnly logged in users have access to the “Collections” category. For guests, the “Collections” option doesn’t appear in the main menu.

Only Logged-In Users See “Collections” Category

When enabled, a new “Category Permissions” section appears on the Category page that allows you to apply the needed access for each category. You can add multiple permission rules to each category for different websites and customer groups.