Magento Commerce 2.1.x

Catalog Price Rule Scheduled Changes

The Scheduled Changes box appears at the top of the page when a new price rule is saved for the first time. Catalog price rules can be applied on schedule, and grouped with other content changes. You can create a new campaign based on scheduled changes to a price rule, or apply the changes to an existing campaign.

If there are multiple price rules running in the same campaign, the Priority setting of the price rule determines which rule takes precedence. To learn more, see: Content Staging.

If a campaign that includes a price rule is initially created without an end date, the campaign cannot later be edited to include an end date. It is recommended that you either add an end date when you create the campaign, or create a duplicate version of the existing campaign and add the end date to the duplicate as needed.

Scheduled Changes

To edit the existing schedule:


Update Schedule


To assign to another campaign:

Assign to Another Campaign