Magento Commerce 2.1.x

Markup Tags

A markup tag is a snippet of code that contains a relative reference to an object in your store, such as a variable, URLUniform Resource Locator: The unique address of a page on the internet., image, or block. Markup tags can be incorporated into the HTMLHyperText Markup Language: A standard for tagging and structuring text, images, videos, and other media on a web page. of content pages, blocks, email templates, newsletters, and so on.

Markup tags are enclosed in double, curly braces, and can either be generated by the Widget tool, or typed directly into HTML content. For example, rather than hard-coding the full path to a page, you can use a markup tagA snippet of code that can be used to add functionality or content to a page. to represent the store URL. The markup tags featured in the following examples include: