Magento Open Source 2.1.x

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Variable Reference

Most email templates have a section of additional variables that are specific to the template. The following are examples of some frequently used templates.

  • Email Template Variables


    Markup Tag

    Email Footer Template

    {{template config_path="design/email/footer_template"}}

    Email Header Template

    {{template config_path="design/email/header_template"}}

    Email Logo Image Alt

    {{var logo_alt}}

    Email Logo Image URL

    {{var logo_url}}

    Email Logo Image Height

    {{var logo_height}}

    Email Logo Image Width

    {{var logo_width}}

    Template CSS

    {{var template_styles|raw}}
  • Store Contact Information Variables


    Markup Tag

    Base Unsecure URL

    {{config path="web/unsecure/base_url"}}

    Base Secure URL

    {{config path="web/secure/base_url"}}

    General Contact Name

    {{config path="trans_email/ident_general/name"}}

    General Contact Email

    {{config path="trans_email/ident_general/email"}}

    Sales Representative Contact Name

    {{config path="trans_email/ident_sales/name"}}

    Sales Representative Contact Email

    {{config path="trans_email/ident_sales/email"}}

    Custom1 Contact Name

    {{config path="trans_email/ident_custom1/name"}}

    Custom1 Contact Email

    {{config path="trans_email/ident_custom1/email"}}

    Custom2 Contact Name

    {{config path="trans_email/ident_custom2/name"}}

    Custom2 Contact Email

    {{config path="trans_email/ident_custom2/email"}}

    Store Name

    {{config path="general/store_information/name"}}

    Store Phone Telephone

    {{config path="general/store_information/phone"}}

    Store Hours

    {{config path="general/store_information/hours"}}


    {{config path="general/store_information/country_id"}}


    {{config path="general/store_information/region_id"}}

    Zip/Postal Code

    {{config path="general/store_information/postcode"}}


    {{config path="general/store_information/city"}}

    Street Address 1

    {{config path="general/store_information/street_line1"}}

    Street Address 2

    {{config path="general/store_information/street_line2"}}

    Store Contact Address

    {{config path="general/store_information/address"}}
  • New Account Template Variables


    Markup Tag

    Customer Account URL

    {{var this.getUrl($store, 'customer/account/')}}

    Customer Email


    Customer Name

  • New Order Template Variables


    Markup Tag

    Billing Address

    {{var formattedBillingAddress|raw}}

    Email Order Note

    {{var order.getEmailCustomerNote()}}

    Order ID

    {{var order.increment_id}}

    Order Items Grid

    {{layout handle="sales_email_order_items" 
    order=$order area="frontend"}}

    Payment Details

    {{var payment_html|raw}}

    Shipping Address

    {{var formattedShippingAddress|raw}}

    Shipping Description

    {{var order.getShippingDescription()}}