Magento Open Source, 2.0.x

Magento 2.0.18 is the final 2.0.x release. After March 2018, Magento 2.0.x will no longer receive security patches, quality fixes, or documentation updates. To maintain your site's performance, security, and PCIPayment Card Industry: Refers to debit and credit cards and their associated businesses. compliance, upgrade to the latest version of Magento.

User Roles

To give someone restricted access to the AdminThe password-protected back office of your store where orders, catalog, content, and configurations are managed., the first step is to create a role that has the appropriate level of permissions. The role can have varying levels of permissions to the following resources:

  • Price Resources
  • Promotion Resources
  • Product Resources

After the role is established you can add new users and assign the restricted role to grant them limited access to the Admin.


To define a role:

1. On the Admin sidebarThe right or left column of a two-column page layout., tap System. Then under Permissions, choose User Roles.
2. In the upper-left corner, tap Add New Role.
3. In the Role Information section, enter a descriptive Role Name.
4. In the panel on the left, choose Role Resources.

Role Scopes
5. Under Role Scopes , set Role Scopes to “Custom.” Then, mark the checkbox of each website and view to which the role is to have permission to access.
6. In the Roles Resources tree, mark the checkbox of each Admin Resource that you want the role to be able to access.

In the tree, the color of each node changes from white to gray each time the section is expanded or collapsed. If the node is collapsed, you can click the node to show additional resources.

Important! Be sure to disable access to the Permissions tool if you are limiting access for a given role. Otherwise, users will be able to modify their own permissions.

Role Resources Assigned
7. (Optional) In the panel on the left, choose Role Users. Then, assign additional Administrator user accounts to the new role.
8. When complete, tap Save Role.

The role now appears in the grid, and can be assigned to new user accounts.