Magento Open Source, 2.0.x

Magento 2.0.18 is the final 2.0.x release. After March 2018, Magento 2.0.x will no longer receive security patches, quality fixes, or documentation updates. To maintain your site's performance, security, and PCIPayment Card Industry: Refers to debit and credit cards and their associated businesses. compliance, upgrade to the latest version of Magento.

Privacy Policy

Your store includes a sample privacy policyA document that explains the merchant’s policies for handling customer information. that must be updated with your own information. Your privacy policy should describe the type of information that your company collects, and how it is used. It should also list the filenames of cookies that are placed on the computers of people who visit your store. Any additional cookies that are associated with third-party extensions and add-ons should be included in the list.

Privacy Policy

To edit your privacy policy:

1. On the AdminThe password-protected back office of your store where orders, catalog, content, and configurations are managed. sidebarThe right or left column of a two-column page layout., tap Content. Then under Elements, choose Pages.
2. Find the privacy policy in the list, and tap to open the page in edit mode.
3. In the panel on the left, choose Content.
4. Make the necessary changes to the content.

If you change the URLUniform Resource Locator: The unique address of a page on the internet. key of the privacy policy, you must also create a custom URL rewrite to redirectA method used to alert browsers and search engines that a page has been moved. 301 Redirect: Permanent change 302 Redirect: Temporary change traffic to the new URL key. Otherwise, the link in the footer will return “404 Page Not Found.”

5. When complete, tap  Save Page .