Magento Open Source, 2.0.x

Magento 2.0.18 is the final 2.0.x release. After March 2018, Magento 2.0.x will no longer receive security patches, quality fixes, or documentation updates. To maintain your site's performance, security, and PCIPayment Card Industry: Refers to debit and credit cards and their associated businesses. compliance, upgrade to the latest version of Magento.

Attract New Customers

Magento Open Source 2.0 is packed with features that make it easy to create a “search engine friendly” websites and increase the likelihood of bringing the right customers to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Magento offers powerful, native capabilities to streamline Search Engine Optimization (SEOSearch Engine Optimization: The process of improving a website’s search engine rankings in order to increase valued visitors.) practices for content and site exposure that are integrated with the AdminThe password-protected back office of your store where orders, catalog, content, and configurations are managed., and tied directly into the user experience.

Custom URLs

Custom URLs are short, clean, and easy to remember. You can also autogenerate search-friendly URLs to streamline your purchase path.

Meta Data

Improve your search engine rankings by choosing specific criteria that helps search engines to find and index your products more easily. Meta data can be entered for product, categoryA set of products that share particular characteristics or attributes., and content pages.


Link to a sitemapA page that provides search engines with an efficient, alternate route through your site. from the footer of your store to give customers an overview of the catalog structure, with links to all categories and products in the store. Easy integration with Google Sitemap.


In addition to monitoring your site from the Admin dashboard, you can integrate third-party analytics tools such as Google Analytics, for detailed statistics on traffic and sales.