Magento Open Source, 2.0.x

Magento 2.0.18 is the final 2.0.x release. After March 2018, Magento 2.0.x will no longer receive security patches, quality fixes, or documentation updates. To maintain your site's performance, security, and PCIPayment Card Industry: Refers to debit and credit cards and their associated businesses. compliance, upgrade to the latest version of Magento.

Email Template List

  • Email Templates

    Customer Account

    • New Account
    • New Account Confirmation Key
    • New Account Confirmed
    • New Account Without Password
    • Forgot Password
    • Remind Password
    • Reset Password

    Customer Activity

    • Contact Form
    • Send Product Link to Friend
    • Wishlist Sharing


    • Subscription Confirmation
    • Subscription Success
    • Unsubscription Success

    Product Alert

    • Cron Error Warning
    • Price Alert
    • Stock Alert


    • Promotion Notification / Reminder

    AdminThe password-protected back office of your store where orders, catalog, content, and configurations are managed. Activity

    • Forgot Admin Password
    • Reset Password

    Email Templates

    • Email - Footer
    • Email - Header
    • Export Failed
    • Import Failed

    Product Alerts

    • Product Alerts Cron Error
    • Product Price Alert
    • Product Stock Alert


    • New Order / New Order for Guest
    • Order Update / Order Update for Guest
    • Payment Failed


    • New Invoice / New Invoice for Guest
    • Invoice Update / Invoice Update for Guest


    • New Shipment / New Shipment for Guest
    • Shipment Update / Shipment Update for Guest

    Credit Memo

    • Credit Memo Update
    • Credit Memo Update for Guest
    • New Credit Memo
    • New Credit Memo for Guest

    System Notifications

    • Sitemap Generate Warnings
    • Currency Update Warnings