Magento Commerce, 1.14.x

Magento 1.x Software Support Notice
For Magento Commerce 1, Magento is providing software support through June 2020. Depending on your Magento Commerce 1 version, software support may include both quality fixes and security patches. Please review our Magento Software Lifecycle Policy to see how your version of Magento Commerce 1 is supported.

Managing a Staging Site

Content staging is a very powerful tool, but requires caution to use it effectively. An important thing to understand is that the staging website it is not a separate beta website with a separate database. It is another website in the store that is hidden. Thus, creating and deleting content, such as products, requires special attention.

Important! Never delete products from a content staging website, because they will be deleted from the live site, as well. To remove a product from a content staging website, simply disable it.

Upgrading Magento

When using a staging website, take special care when upgrading Magento. Upgrades modify the staging website, but not the backups. In some cases, especially if the upgrade modifies content tables, an upgrade can render the backup unusable. It is recommended that you upgrade Magento either before you work on a staging website, or after a merge has been completed, confirmed, and no rollback is expected.