Magento Commerce, 1.14.x

Privacy Policy

Your store includes a sample privacy policy that must be updated with your own information. Your privacy policy should describe the type of information that your company collects, and how it is used. It should also list the filenames of cookies that are placed on the computers of people who visit your store. Any additional cookies that are associated with third-party extensions and add-ons should be included in the list. For a complete list of the cookies used by Magento, see Cookie Restriction Mode.

If you change the URL key of the privacy policy, you must also create a custom URL redirect to reroute traffic to the new URL key.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

To edit your privacy policy:

1. On the Admin menu, select CMS > Pages > Manage Content.
2. Find the privacy policy in the list, and click to open the page.
3. In the panel on the left, click Content.
4. To work in WYSIWYG mode, click the Show/Hide Editor button.
5. Make the necessary changes to the content.
6. When complete, click the Save Page button.