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Related Search Terms

The Related Search Terms section of a search term record lets you associate other terms with the search term. You can use the information to keep a running total of how many people are searching for the same thing. Related search terms can also be offered as suggestions and recommendations whenever a search returns no results.

Related Search Terms
Related Search Terms

To set up related search terms:

1. On the Admin menu, select Catalog > Search Terms.
2. In the list, click to open the search term in edit mode.
3. In the Related Search Terms section, do the following:
a. Click the Reset Filter button to generate a list of all search terms.
b. In the first column, select the checkbox of each search term that is related to the term that is listed in the General Information section of the record. There’s probably more than one page of search terms. Don’t forget to look at the rest!
c. Click the Save Search button.
d. In the first column, set the Search Filter to “Any.”
4. When complete, click the Search button.
  • Field Descriptions



    Search Query

    (Required) Contains the actual text that was used as a search term.


    (Required) Identifies the store and/or views where the search term is available.

    Number of results

    (Required) Displays how many products were returned in the search results since the last time the term was submitted.

    Only search terms with results are offered as suggestions.

    Number of Uses

    (Required) Displays the total number of times this term has been used. This number is used to determine the “Top 5 Search Terms” section of the Dashboard report.

    Synonym For

    If this term is a synonym for another search term, enter the other term in this field. Any searches for the synonym will be redirected to the page for the other term.

    Redirect URL

    Enter the full URL of the page that is displayed when this search term is used. The Redirect URL can be a product, category, or content page within your site, or a page on another site.

    Display in Suggested Terms

    Determines if this search term is available for use as a suggestion. For example, you may deliberately enter a misspelled word as a search term, but would not want to use the misspelled word as a suggestion. Options include: Yes / No