Magento Commerce, 1.14.x

Magento 1.x Software Support Notice
For Magento Commerce 1, Magento is providing software support through June 2020. Depending on your Magento Commerce 1 version, software support may include both quality fixes and security patches. Please review our Magento Software Lifecycle Policy to see how your version of Magento Commerce 1 is supported.

Release Notes

Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1

We are pleased to bring to you Magento Enterprise Edition, 1.14.1, which includes new features, security enhancements, expanded support for responsive design, improved SEO, and numerous other improvements and fixes.

New Features
Technical Updates and Solutions

The following patches are available for this release of Magento Enterprise Edition. To download available patches, see the Download section of your Magento account. If you need help, see: How to Apply and Revert Magento Patches.

Changes in This Release
Miscellaneous Fixes

We’d like to thank the following members of the Magento Community for their contributions to this release:

1 Matt Barrah, Resolve Remote Code Execution Exploit

2 Florinel Chis of Elastera, view PayPal orders from Admin

3 Florinel Chis of Elastera, full-page cache with HTTPS

4 Alan Storm, CMS handling of HTML5 tags

5 Tim Bezhasvyly, improved indexing performance

6 Stewart Kelt, improved format of list items in Google Chrome 8

7 Martin Steudter, improved format of My Account Pages

8 Janwillem Oostendorp and Yannis Livasov, removal of untranslatable words from phtml

9 Colin Mollenhour, canonical URL in search results