Magento Commerce, 1.14.x

Predefined Variables

Predefined variables are easy to add to content pages, blocks, and email templates.

Inserting Predefined Variables
Inserting Predefined Variables
  • Predefined Variables

    Store Contact Variables

    Store Contact Information

    Base Unsecure URL

    Base Secure URL

    General Contact Name

    General Contact Email

    Sales Representative Contact Name

    Sale Representative Contact Email

    Custom 1 Contact Name

    Custom 1 Contact Email

    Custom 2 Contact Name

    Custom 2 Contact Email

    Store Name

    Store Contact Telephone

    Store Contact Address

  • Template Variables

    Template Variables

    Store Url

    Email Logo Image Url

    Email Logo Image Alt

    Customer Name

    Store Name

    Customer Account Url

    Invoice Id

    Order Id

    Billing Address

    Payment Details

    Shipping Address

    Shipping Description

    Invoice Items Grid

    Invoice Comment