Magento Open Source, 1.9.x

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Some countries charge a value added tax, or VAT, on goods and services. There can be different VAT rates depending on which stage you as a merchant are at in the manufacture or distribution of the products, materials, or services that you sell to your customers. In this case you may need to use more than one VAT rate in your store for tax calculation purposes.

This section provides a sample procedure for setting up a 20% VAT in the U.K. for sales to retail customers. For other tax rates and countries, follow the general procedure but enter specific information that corresponds to your country, VAT rate, customer types, and so on.

Before proceeding, find out which rules and regulations apply to VAT in your area.

In certain business-to-business transactions, VAT is not assessed. Magento can validate a customer’s VAT ID to ensure that VAT is assessed (or not assessed) properly. To learn more, see: VAT Validation.