Magento Open Source, 1.9.x

Magento 1.x Security Patch Notice
For Magento Open Source 1.5 to 1.9, Magento is providing software security patches through June 2020 to ensure those sites remain secure and compliant. Visit our information page for more details about our software maintenance policy and other considerations for your business.

Magento Core API Settings

The Magento Core API supports both SOAP and XML RPC protocols. The API is permission-based, and allows access to the Customer, Catalog, and Order modules of your store.

The WSDL (Web Services Description Language) definition that you create for your Magento Open Source API solution is WS-I compliant by default. This makes it possible to use tools that require a WS-I complaint WSDL definition for API integration. No additional settings are required. By default, the API default character set is UTF-8, and the timeout for client sessions is 3600 seconds. You can change the default settings through the system configuration of the store. Use the following endpoint URL for all WSI-I APIs, and replace {site_url} with the store domain:

  • WS-I Endpoint URL

To change the general settings:

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration. Then in the panel on the left under Services, select Magento Core API.
2. Cick to expand the General Settings section. Then, do the following:
a. Enter the name of the Default Response Charset that you want to use.
b. Enter the length of the Client Session Timeout in seconds.
c. To enable WS-I Compliance, select “Yes.”
d. To enable the WSDL Cache, select “Yes.”
3. When complete, click the Save Config button.