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Zero Subtotal Checkout

Zero Subtotal Checkout is available only for orders created from the Admin. It can be used for orders with a subtotal of zero that are taxed after any discount has been applied. This situation might occur when a discount covers the entire price of the purchase, and there is no additional charge for shipping. To save time, these orders can be set to invoice automatically.

Unlike other payment methods for which you can set order amount filters, this method contains an intrinsic order amount filter, so that the method appears only when the subtotal equals zero. Zero Subtotal Checkout can be used when:

  • The product that the customer adds to the shopping cart is of the Downloadable or the Virtual product type and the price equals zero.
  • The price of a Simple product is zero and the Free Shipping method is available.
  • A coupon code that covers the full price of products and shipping is applied in the shopping cart.

To set up Zero Subtotal Checkout:

1. On the Admin menu, select System > Configuration. Then in the panel on the left under Sales, select Payment Methods.
2. Click to expand the Zero Subtotal Checkout section. Then, do the following:

Zero Subtotal Checkout
a. Enter a Title to identify the Zero Subtotal Checkout payment method during checkout from the Admin.
b. Set Enabled to “Yes” to activate Zero Subtotal Checkout.
c. Set New Order Status to “Pending” until payment is authorized.
  • Pending

    The order is waiting for authorization.


    Payment has been authorized, and the transaction is being processed.

d. Set Automatically Invoice All Items to “Yes” if you want to automatically invoice all items with a zero balance.
e. Set Payment from Applicable Countries to one of the following:
  • All Allowed Countries

    Customers from all countries specified in your store configuration can use this payment method

    Specific Countries

    After choosing this option, the Payment from Specific Countries list appears. Select each country in the list where customers can make purchases from your store.

f. Enter a Sort Order number to determine the position of Zero Subtotal Checkout in the list of payment methods during checkout from the Admin. (0 = first, 1 = second, 2 = third, and so on.)
3. When complete, click the Save Config button.