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Settlement Reports

The PayPal Settlement report provides the store administrator with the information about each transaction that affects the settlement of funds.

Before generating settlement reports, the store administrator must contact PayPal Merchant Technical Services to create an SFTP user account, and enable settlement reports and SFTP for the PayPal business account.

After configuring and enabling settlement reports in the PayPal merchant account, Magento will start generating reports within twenty-four hours.

The store administrator can fetch the most recent settlement reports by clicking the Fetch Updates button located in the upper right part of the page. After clicking it, a dialog box appears, stating that the system will connect to the PayPal SFTP server to fetch the reports. When all recent reports are added to the list, the Infolog message appears, stating the number of reports fetched. The report includes the following additional information for each transaction:

  • Field Descriptions



    PayPal Reference ID Type

    One of the following reference codes:

    Order ID

    Transaction ID

    Subscription ID

    Preapproved Payment ID



    The text entered by the merchant on the transaction in PayPal.

    Transaction Debit or Credit

    The direction of money movement of gross amount.

    Fee Debit or Credit

    The direction of money movement for fee.

  • Settlement Report



    Report Date

    The date when the settlement report was generated.

    Merchant Account

    The encrypted merchant account number generated by PayPal.

    Transaction ID

    The identification of a transaction of the money moving event. Transaction ID is generated by PayPal and cannot be changed by the merchant.

    Invoice ID

    The identification of an invoice generated within Magento. The field can be populated with either an invoice ID sent with the capture request or with the value of the invoice ID (if any) from the authorizing transaction.

    PayPal Reference ID

    The identification of a related, pre-existing transaction or event.

    Event Code

    The code assigned to the transaction according to the event that has initiated it. Among these can be website payments standard payment, express or direct checkout API, pre-approved payment, subscription payment, and so on.

    Initiation Date

    The date and time the transaction was initiated.

    Completion Date

    The date and time the transaction was completed.

    Gross Amount

    The amount of the payment between the two parties and before fees.

    Fee Amount

    The amount of fee associated with the settlement. All transaction fees are included in this amount. Fees are never amortized across several transactions.