Magento Open Source, 1.9.x

Magento 1.x Security Patch Notice
For Magento Open Source 1.5 to 1.9, Magento is providing software security patches through June 2020 to ensure those sites remain secure and compliant. Visit our information page for more details about our software maintenance policy and other considerations for your business.

Account Dashboard

Customers can access their account dashboard by clicking the “My Account” link in the header of the store. They can use their account dashboard to view and modify their information, including past and current addresses, billing and shipping preferences, newsletter subscriptions, wishlist, and more.

Account Dashboard
  • Dashboard Sections



    Account Information

    Customers can update their account information and change their password, as needed.


    Address Book

    The customer address book includes the default billing and shipping address, and additional address entries.


    My Orders

    Displays a list of all customer orders, with a link to each. If enabled in the configuration, any order can be reordered by simply clicking the Reorder link.

    Billing Agreements

    Displays a list of any customer billing agreements.

    Recurring Profiles

    Displays a list of any products that are purchased on a recurring basis, as a subscription.

    My Product Reviews

    Displays a list of all product reviews submitted by the customer, with a link to each.

    My Wishlist

    Displays the customer's wishlist. Products from the wishlist can be added to the cart.

    My Applications

    This section is a placeholder for API applications that link the customer account to other applications or extensions.

    Newsletter Subscriptions

    Lists all available newsletters. Those to which the customer is currently subscribed have a checkmark.

    My Downloadable Products

    Lists all downloadable products the customer has purchased, with a link to each.