Magento Open Source, 1.9.x

Magento 1.x Security Patch Notice
For Magento Open Source 1.5 to 1.9, Magento is providing software security patches through June 2020 to ensure those sites remain secure and compliant. Visit our information page for more details about our software maintenance policy and other considerations for your business.

XML Load Sequence

For developers, it is important to understand that blocks and layout updates must be loaded in the correct order, in keeping with the rules of precedence and load sequenceThe order scripts are loaded into memory. To work correctly, some scripts must be loaded before others. which determine how the page is rendered. Magento supports the following page layout scenarios:

  • Default Layout

    The default layout consists of the visual elements that are visible from every page of the store. Whether it is a menu item, or a shopping cart block, each item has a handleIn programming, a name used to reference an object. in the default section of the layout definition.

    Changes to Specific Pages

    The second case allows you to create a different layout for a specific page. The XML layout for specific pages is constructed in the same sequence that Magento loads modules, and is determined by the system configuration.

    In addition to the instructions in the layout update files which are specific to each module, you can make a custom layout update that applies to a special case in the backend, and is merged each time the special case occurs.