Magento Marketplace User Guide

Managing Sales

With the launch of Magento Marketplace, we introduce a new revenue sharing business model. All product sales in Magento Marketplace are subject to a revenue share, with 70% of the revenue for the developer, and 30% for Magento. With this shift to a new business model allows us to invest in marketing and promotions to grow the businesses of participating developers.

Sales Reports

Each month, a report is posted to your account that shows your sales activity for the previous month. If the total sales for the month is less than $100, the amount is carried over to the next month. Your 70% share of the gross revenue is deposited in your PayPal account, less any refunds, chargebacks, or taxes that Magento is legally obligated to collect.


Magento Marketplace allows twenty-five days after a purchase for a buyer to request a refund. Refund requests are reviewed by the Magento Marketplace administrator. If approved, credited to the PayPal account of the buyer.