Magento Marketplace User Guide


The content that accompanies you extension listing is derived from the profile of the extension or theme, and information in the developer's company profile.

  • All content that is associated with a Magento Marketplace listing must be free of offensive or discriminatory language, sexual content, or nudity.

    Your content must not misuse the Magento name and its trademarks, or misrepresent the Magento brand. To learn more, see our branding guidelines.

    Do not promote additional services and extensions in your Marketplace listing and Company Bio.

    The extension listing must accurately describe the product, including the description and overview information, version compatibility, and category selection.

    Only Magento Premier, Select, Professional, and Enterprise Partners can mention Magento Enterprise Edition compatibility in the Long Description, Short Description, or Company Bio.

    Use English as the primary language for the Extension Title, Short Description, Long Description, and Company Bio. You are welcome to include a second language in the Long Description after the English description, separated by a horizontal line. The content, links, and images should be the same in both languages.

    The extension listing must be free of spelling and grammatical errors. If you use a word processor to compose and spell check your content, make sure to save it as plain text before pasting it into your profile, and convert all URLs to working hyperlinks.

Profile Content

Pay special attention to the following fields in your extension and company profiles, because they provide the content for your listing on Magento Marketplace.