Magento Marketplace User Guide

User Guide for Sellers:

Getting Started

with Magento Marketplace

Welcome to Magento Marketplace, our next-generation marketplace of digital commerce solutions. Magento Marketplace offers qualified developers the tools, platform, and prime location for a thriving business.

1. Discover & Learn

Take a quick tour of Magento Marketplace from the standpoint of a prospective customer.

2. Set Up Account

Create a new Marketplace account, or use your existing Magento account. We'll add a Developer Portal to manage your seller information and product submissions.

3. Submit for Review

Our Extension Quality Program (EQP) combines Magento expertise with development guidelines and verification tools to ensure that all Marketplace extensions meet Magento coding standards and best practices.

4. Manage Sales

Track sales from the dashboard of your Marketplace account, and receive monthly payments in your PayPal account for your revenue share. Work with us to promote your business and drive traffic by running paid advertisements for your extension.