Magento Marketplace User Guide

Submission Workflow

  • Build the extension. See the Developers Guide to learn about Magento architecture and coding standards.

    Package the extension. Before you begin the packaging process, make sure that your extension meets the compatibility specifications for each version of Magento that it is designed to support. Marketplace lists extensions for each edition of Magento, and for numerous versions of each product. Follow the instructions for the edition and version of Magento to generate required package.

    Validate the package. Before submitting a package for review, use the available Marketplace Tools to verify that the package can pass the validation step. More tools are coming soon!

    Complete your personal and company profiles. Complete your personal and company profile in your Magento Marketplace account.

    Upload the package for technical review. All extensions, themes, and shared packages must pass Technical Review. You can follow the progress from your Magento Marketplace account. When the review is complete, you can view the results from the extension profile.

    Complete the product profile. Complete the profile for the extension or theme. including all images, product descriptions, release notes, and any documentation that is available.

    Submit the completed profile for marketing review. All extensions and themes must pass Marketing Review. Our business operations team will review your submission to make sure that it meets the requirements. When approved, the extension or theme becomes immediately available on Magento Marketplace.