Magento Marketplace User Guide


Packages are extension components contain code that can be used by other extensions. The package is a zipped archive of a valid code that is ready for technical review. Because components are not offered as standalone products in Magento Marketplace, they are not subject to marketing review. The Packages tab shows the status of each package that is uploaded to your account.

When a package is ready to submit, the first step is to upload a zipped archive to Magento Marketplace. The package is placed in the queue for technical review as soon as it is submitted. You will receive a confirmation email, and can track its progress and review status from your Marketplace account. When the package passes Technical Review, its status changes to “Released to use,” and it becomes available to include with other extensions that you submit. To learn more, see the technical reference.

Shared Package

To add a package:

1. On the My Products page of your Marketplace account, choose the Packages tab. Then, tap Add Package, and do the following:

Package Details
a. Enter the Package Title that you want to appear in the list of available components. The maximum number of characters allowed is 150.
b. To upload the package, do one of the following:
  • Drag the zip file to the box.
  • Browse to the zip file and select the it from the directory.

The package name appears in the box.

c. In the Short Description field, describe the purpose of the component, and how it is to be used. The maximum number of characters allowed is 2000, and the number to the right of the box indicates how many characters remain.
d. Enter the Release Notes that apply to this release of the component.
e. Choose the License Type that applies to the component.
2. When ready to upload the package, tap Submit. After the package is reviewed, you will receive an email with the results.
3. When prompted, do one of the following:
  • Tap Continue to review the package details.
  • Tap Go to My Products to return to the Products page of your Marketplace account.

Package Details
  • Field Descriptions



    Package Title

    The title of the package. Maximum characters: 50

    Upload Package

    To upload the package, either drag the zipped file to the box, or click anywhere in the box to upload the file. The maximum size of a package file is 30 MB.

    Package Version Number

    The version number is extracted from the package data.

    Short Description

    A short description of the package. Maximum character: 2,000

    Release Notes

    The release notes for the current package.

    License Type

    Identifies the license type that defines the terms of use. To learn more, see the Open Source Initiative’s Licenses by Name.