Magento Marketplace User Guide

Review Workflow

Before an extension or theme is approved for a listing on Magento Marketplace, it must pass both technical and marketing review. You can log in to your Marketplace account to check the status of your submission.

  • Upload completed product for review. When and extension, theme, or shared package is uploaded, it is immediately sent to technical review.

    Send to Technical Review. During Technical Review, each package component is validated. The first part of Technical Review is an automated process that can take up to twenty-four hours to complete. The code is analyzed to ensure that it meets our coding standards, checked for malware, and scanned for evidence of plagiarism. Look for a report in your account with the results of the review.

    When the automated scan is complete, the Marketplace Administrator reviews the submission. If everything is in order, the status changes to “Ready for Marketing Review.”

    If an extension fails to pass Technical Review, the provider can correct the problems and resubmit the extension .

    In addition to the mandatory technical review, extensions submitted by Magento partners can earn a Top Quality Badge by passing Deep Technical Review.

    Prepare for Marketing Review. The full profile becomes available only after an extension or theme passes Technical Review. The profile contains detailed information about the product, screenshots, and other content that appears in the Marketplace listing. The profile should be ready for publication before it is sent to Marketing Review.

    Send to Marketing Review. During Marketing Review, the presentation and positioning of your product and the quality of the content in the profile are evaluated by the Marketplace Business Operations team. You will receive email notification of the results when the review is complete.

    Publish to Marketplace. If approved for publication, your product becomes immediately available on Magento Marketplace.