Magento Marketplace User Guide
Migrating Magento 1.x  Extensions

Magento 1.x extensions that are currently available on Magento Connect can be migrated to Magento Marketplace, and submitted for review.

  • Any reviews associated with the extension are preserved.
  • The Popularity Score and flame icon is not migrated to Marketplace.

For technical information, see: Create Your Extension on Magento Connect.


  • Developer uploads package. The upload process for Magento 1.x extensions is the same as for Magento Connect. The developer uploads the completed tarball package, which includes the package.xml file.

    Marketplace updates the package.xml file. The following changes are made automatically to the package.xml file:

    • Channel is changed to private channel (hash string).
    • Name is changed.
    • Vendor name is injected into the name field. (vendorName+PackageName)

    Package submitted to Technical Review. The package is reviewed to ensure that it meets our technical requirements. The review process can be monitored from the Developer Portal of your Marketplace account.

    Package submitted to Marketing Review. The package is reviewed to ensure that it meets our marketing requirements.

    Package released to Magento Marketplace. If your migrated extension passes Marketing Review, the status changes to “Released in Store” and it becomes immediately available in Magento Marketplace.

To migrate a Magento 1.x extension:

1. Send the following information to the Marketplace team. Make sure to include your company name in the Subject line of the email.
  • Your company name
  • The product Name of the extension.
  • The link to the current extension listing on Magento Connect.
  • The Marketplace category for your new extension listing
2. Create a “tarball” (.tgz) archive of the extension that includes the package .xml file.

Make sure that the Node name in the package.xml file contains only the name value, and not the vendor name. To learn more, see: How to Package Magento Connect Extensions.

3. Test the quality of the extension with the EQP tool to ensure that it passes Technical Review.
4. Upload the latest version of your extension to Magento Connect — not Magento Marketplace.
5. Log in to the Marketplace Developer Portal, and complete the registration.
  • Make sure to use the same Magento account (and Mage ID) that was used for your Magento Connect listings.
  • When prompted, enter the Vendor Name and other information that was entered during the Marketplace registration process.

You will receive confirmation from the Marketplace team when the migration is complete. Until then, kick back and relax!

6. When you receive the notification, log in to the Marketplace Developer Portal, and do the following:
a. On the Developer Portal tab under My Products, click My Products.
b. On the Packages tab, open the extension package.

If the extension fails to pass Technical Review, simply fix the problem and try again. To upload the updated package, drag or browse to the updated “tarball” archive (.tgz) that you have prepared. Then, follow the prompts to resubmit the extension to Technical Review.

7. To streamline the approval process while you are waiting for results, complete the product profile and any other content that is needed to market the extension.
8. When the extension passes Technical Review, its status changes to “Ready for Marketing Review.” Whenever you are ready, you can submit the extension to Marketing Review.

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