Magento Marketplace User Guide

Submitting an Extension

When your extension or theme is ready to submit to Magento Marketplace, the first step is to upload a zipped archive of the package. For more technical information, see the PHP Developer Guide. If the extension uses separate components, each component must be submitted in advance as a Package. The following instructions apply to extensions, as well as themes.

The extension is placed in the queue for business and technical review as soon as it is submitted. You will receive confirmation by email, and can track its progress and status from your Marketplace account.

  • Field Descriptions



    Extension Title

    The title of the extension as it is to appear in Magento Marketplace. The extension title can consist of up to five words. Maximum characters: 50

    After an extension has been submitted, the title can be changed only by resubmitting the package. See Completing the Extension Profile.

    Public Version Number

    The version number of the extension that appears in the Marketplace profile. For example: 1.0.0

    Upload File

    The upload file must be a valid zipped composer package with .json file. You can drag the zip file to the box, or browse to select the file. Maximum file size: 30 MB

    Release Notes

    The text that you have prepared to accompany this release.. Maximum characters: 10,000

    Shared Packages

    If applicable, identifies each shared package that is required by this extension.