Magento Marketplace User Guide

Extension Quality Program

Our Extension Quality Program (EQP) verifies that all Marketplace extensions meet Magento standards and best practices. The program is powered by Magento expertise, development guidelines, and verification tools to ensure that extensions have a logical and efficient coding structure, acceptable performance and scalability, and are compatible with the Magento core. The program has two levels of technical review:

  • Level 1: The purpose of the Level 1 automated technical review is to examine the extension package structure for basic coding standards, to detect the presence of viruses or malware, and to identify indications of plagiarism.

    Level 1 is a mandatory check for all extensions on Marketplace.

    Level 2: Extensions submitted by Magento partners can receive a Top Quality Badge by passing a Level 2 deep technical review that is conducted in a timely manner by a Magento engineer. During the Level 2 check, an extension goes through Documentation Review, Deep Code Review, and Sanity Check/QA Review. See these hints to help you successfully pass the Level 2 check:

    Level 2 Check: Tips and Tricks.

    Extensions that pass Level 2 technical review receive a Top Quality Badge, which is the seal of approval that Magento merchants can trust.

To learn more, see: Magento Marketplace Extension Quality Program Guide.

Level 2 Technical Review