Magento Marketplace User Guide

Your Personal Profile

The information in your personal profile identifies you as a vendor in Magento Marketplace, and includes your background, image, contact information, and social network addresses. The Personal Profile page initially appears when you set up your Marketplace account as an individual. From your Marketplace account, the Personal Profile can be found on the Developer Portal tab under My Information.

  • Before you begin, prepare an image for your personal profile that is 255 pixels square, and saved as one of the following file types: JPG, GIF, or PNG.

Personal Profile
  • Field Descriptions



    First Name

    Your first name.

    Last Name

    Your last name.

    Update Image

    The image for your Marketplace personal profile can be dragged to your profile.

    Size: 255 x 255 pixels

    Supported file types: JPG, GIF, or PNG

    Mage ID

    Your Magento ID is an automatically assigned when your account is created and identifies you throughout the Magento system.


    A brief description of your expertise and interests. You might begin with a couple of sentences to give a brief overview, and finish it later with a more detailed description of your background, expertise, and experience. If you use a word processor to compose and spell check your bio, make sure to save it as text before pasting it into your profile.

    Maximum characters: 1,958, including spaces.

    Contact information, Screen Name

    Personal Website

    The URL of your personal website.

    Personal Email

    Your personal email address.

    Screen Name

    The name that you want to use when communicating with others on the Magento website.

    Personal Address


    The country where you reside.


    The street address that is used by postal and shipping carriers for deliveries to your home, or location where you work.


    Your apartment or suite number, if applicable.


    The ZIP or postal code where you reside.


    The city where you reside.


    The state or province where you reside.


    Your personal phone number. Choose the appropriate flag for the country code. Then, enter the area code and phone number.

    Support information

    Support Email

    Your personal phone number. Choose the appropriate flag to identify the country code. Then, enter your area code and phone number.

    Support Phone

    The phone number of your customer support line. Choose the appropriate flag for the country code. Then, enter the area code and phone number.

    Social Networks


    (Optional) The user name that is associated with your GitHub account.

    Stack Exchange

    (Optional) The URL of your Stack Exchange profile. For example:


    (Optional) The user name associated with your Twitter account.


    (Optional) The URL of your Facebook profile. For example:


    (Optional) The URL of your LinkedIn profile. For example: