Magento Marketplace User Guide

Developer Portal

The Developer Portal is where you manage the information in your marketplace account, your product submissions, and the monthly payments you receive from sales on Magento Marketplace.

Developer Portal

To access the Developer Portal:

1. Do one of the following:
2. Do one of the following:
a. To log in with your existing Magento account, enter your Email address and Password. Then, tap Login.
b. To create a new account, tap Register. Then, complete the form and tap  Submit.
3. See: Setting Up Your Account. and continue from Step Two.

Developer Account Home

  • Developer Account Options



    My Products

    My Products

    Manages your extensions, themes, and packages submitted to Magento Marketplace.

    My Access Keys

    Provides the authorization that is required to install platform upgrades, extensions, and themes to Magento 2.x.


    Manage Payment Options

    Specifies the email address where you want to receive monthly notification of payments to your PayPal account.

    My Information

    Personal Profile

    Identifies you as an individual in Magento Marketplace, and include your bio and image, Magento ID number, contact information, and social media addresses.

    Company Profile

    Identifies your business in Magento Marketplace, and includes your company background and image, vendor number, contact information, and social media addresses.


    Displays a snapshot report of your current sales activity including revenue and total purchased, both paid and free.