Magento Marketplace User Guide

Setting Up Your Account

When you create a new Marketplace account, a standard Magento account is created, but with the additional information from your Marketplace profiles. Only one person from your company can maintain a company account on Marketplace. All extensions and themes developed by your company should be listed under the same account.

  • Log in or register for a new account. If you have an existing Magento account, enter your login credentials. Otherwise, sign up for a new account.

    Agree to the terms. Read the Magento Extension Distribution and Service Agreement. Then, mark the checkbox to agree with the terms, and continue.

    Complete your personal profile. The information in your personal profile identifies you as an individual vendor in Magento Markeplace, and includes your background, image, contact information, and social network addresses.

    Complete your company profile. Your company profile is similar to your personal profile, and provides the information about your company and brand that appears in your Magento Marketplace listing.

    Complete the payment options. The Payment Options identify the email address where you want to receive monthly notification of payments made to your PayPal account.