Magento Commerce, 1.14.x

Magento Secure Payment Bridge

Magento Secure Payment Bridge is a PA-DSS certified payment application that helps merchants meet PCI compliance. Magento Secure Payment Bridge is included with a subscription to Magento Enterprise Edition, and is installed separately. It’s a perfect way to keep all customer-to-merchant information interchange working via a separate PA-DSS compliant application, and eliminates the need to make your Magento installation PA-DSS compliant. This enables you to make updates with new marketing, merchandising and content management features to the core Magento eCommerce application without having to go through PCI compliance reassessment of the entire Magento eCommerce platform.

All sensitive credit card data that is received from customers during the checkout process is put into the token in Magento Secure Payment Bridge and is stored there, encrypted, until the payment system returns the successful result of a payment transaction. After the transaction is completed, the payment data within Magento Secure Payment Bridge is cleaned from the token, which remains in the database during a specific period of time. With Magento Payment Bridge, no sensitive credit card data is passed over or stored in Magento, which guarantees the security of customers’ credit card data.